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romu 04-05-2005 11:53

Hi !!

I developped a CS like with a Friend, you can find it in http:\\www.romustrike.net.... We have a little trouble with the func_illusionary..and the clipnodes..

Some fence or the bridge of aztec are made with func_illusionary and a clipbrush... not with a func_wall... but it's impossible to determines a grass in func_illusionary as not collide or the fence func_illusionary as collide....

I don't know if you can indertand my questions...
I parse all the entities, i detect the clipnodes, but i don't know how i determine if i ve to stop the player....

If someone can help me :'(

Thanks a lot

Thirdeye 04-05-2005 13:26

get the " null " texture from zhlt ... " clip " the grass ... fence ... what have you and compile and re test and re do and re test...

Pierre-Marie Baty 04-05-2005 15:34

is this a mapping or a coding question by the way ?

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