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[NvT]_KaszpiR_ 01-10-2004 16:21

Jaba TV

see for yourself

Pierre-Marie Baty 01-10-2004 17:42

Re: Jaba TV
very nice stuff

at last some concurrence to phpUA :)

too bad we need Sun's Java VM to view the applet.

KWo 02-10-2004 20:55

Re: Jaba TV
You can also read something about this here:


M4Best 25-10-2005 03:01

Re: Jaba TV
HLTV is the same thing as that! and comes with Dedicated servers!

[NvT]_KaszpiR_ 25-10-2005 10:16

Re: Jaba TV
wow, you discovered america, M4Best

dasilvasoares 28-02-2008 03:32

Re: Jaba TV
i was wondering if somebody still working on something like this ?
i found this just 2day while surfing on the internet i think this thing is awsome:clap: if anybody knows if there is something like this (not like HLTV where u need an own server 2 run) please let me know its n1 to just typ in ur gameserver adress and can watch ur server even if ur not on
in 2 or 3 month me and some friends are set up a Cs1.6 clan and i want to pt something like this to our clan page so people can watch the server while they are on the page so if anybody knows something like this let me know ?!!
hmm before i forget keep on fraggin :punk:

dasilvasoares 29-02-2008 03:57

Re: Jaba TV
anyone?know something?

(not like HLTV where u need an own server 2 run) is not correct it should be more like you need steam to watch it and can not watch this without having steam sry for beeing dumm in explainings !!

sixcentgeorgefr 03-09-2009 20:38

Re: Jaba TV
i use it but the windows file is crashing the server after few minutes while the linux file is very stable .
i think that the windows file should be patched to resolve the bug .

by the way i optimized spectator.jar using JCMP 0.88g2 the size has gone from 54709 to 42460 bytes that s 30 % ;']

the file is there

JCMP website is http://viscomp.utdallas.edu/FACADE/jcmp/

sixcentgeorgefr 06-09-2009 16:25

Re: Jaba TV
i found that setting hlds.exe using win98 compatible mode under xp reduce the crash ; i am testing the "IBM Real Time Application Execution Optimizer for Java" : Optimizer for Java" :
and it seems better .

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