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sik 28-08-2005 20:03

Anyone else have this problem?
Ok, so I guess people are having the problem of whenever starting a new game it crashes to the desktop, and I thought this was a ivpbot problem, but when I uninstalled it, I tried connecting to a new game again but it gave me an error in console saying couldn't find ivpbot.dll! or something, so now I can't start a new game at all because of that, is there anyway of getting rid of ivpbot completley?

justinone 28-08-2005 22:15

Re: Anyone else have this problem?
you need to delete the ivp bot folder and delete the liblist.gam or change it to "dlls\mp.dll". if you cant get IVPBot to work with CS 1.6, just download the 1.3 mod and follow the normal install instructions and you should have no problem with IVPBot. thats what i did.

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