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Sydslag 25-01-2018 11:49

The good ole days before Steam
Requirements for clients:

dvd/cd won version of Half-Life

half-life 1110 patch http://www.moddb.com/games/half-life...won-1110-patch

Half-life client patch https://neuwon.com/downloads.php?cat...download_id=58

Requirements for dedicated server

Half-Life Dedicated Server v4.1.1.1 https://www.ausgamers.com/files/down...d-server-v4111

Half-Life Dedicated Server v4.1.1.1e Beta Update [Win32] https://www.fileplanet.com/87734/800...e-Beta-Update-[Win32]

NeuWON Half-Life Dedicated Server Patch https://neuwon.com/downloads.php?cat...download_id=57

The Storm 27-01-2018 00:26

Re: The good ole days before Steam
It was a nice time back then. Thanks for the links. I still keep all those old files. :)

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