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KinXen 28-01-2004 20:39

Going Metamod?
When a playable version of RACC comes out, will it be using metamod?

I personally think it should so it would be easy for me to run both RACC and realbot at the same time!

Pierre-Marie Baty 28-01-2004 22:37

Re: Going Metamod?
maybe, maybe not... depends on my laziness... :)

Anyway you will still be able to run RACC and realbot at the same time, because even if RACC is declared in the liblist.gam, it autodetects metamod and loads it automatically if it finds the metamod DLL, instead of loading the game DLL. So you are still able to run metamod plugins with RACC anyway (that's what I do btw)

DreamLord34 06-02-2004 19:33

Re: Going Metamod?
hey PM, how do you load RACC with REALbot then?
I got realbot loading as a plugin with metamod, do I( need to add a line to my liblist?

KinXen 06-02-2004 20:01

Re: Going Metamod?
from your liblist, have it just load the RACC bot. The RACC bot will then automatically find and load Metamod and then Realbot will work. When i tried out the RACC bot though, they only stayed at spawn and didn't shoot. They seemed real smart about reacting to stuff though...

DreamLord34 07-02-2004 06:38

Re: Going Metamod?
Does RACC work well? Like do they hunt down the enemy like they should or do they need to learn as well?
Also, if the RACC's dll is in it's default location, what would the liblist line be without changing the metamod line?

KinXen 07-02-2004 11:42

Re: Going Metamod?
you get rid of the metamod line and just add a line that leads to the RACC dll...

DreamLord34 08-02-2004 06:47

Re: Going Metamod?
If I get rid of the metamod line, none of my addons will load.

Fiber_Optic 08-02-2004 13:02

Re: Going Metamod?
yes... racc will do it for you..

DreamLord34 08-02-2004 14:56

Re: Going Metamod?
I tried to run the install but it flashes then closes. ALl I can read from it is that it can't find a file specified or something.
I'm using steam.

Cheeseh 09-06-2004 21:47

Re: Going Metamod?
I've had a lot of peeps complaining about the hooking to metamod trick I also put into my old bots, and old plugins they used to jack up the server somehow :O :P If you convert to proper use of metamod it would certainly cut down the amount of newbs asking how to install :D I get so many :(

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