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robbob4 25-01-2005 06:36

MeanLoader Server Startup
How do you get the meanloader to get past this?


(To get it to [click] the start button), It opens up hlds fine but I still have this window to bypass or to continue with.

botmeister 25-01-2005 06:55

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
In the meanloader.ini file, place -console in the startup command line


StartDir =
AppName = C:\HLServer\hlds.exe
CommandLine = -game cstrike -console -noipx +maxplayers 16 +map de_dust

robbob4 25-01-2005 15:20

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
AHA! -console did it thank you =) -- now to get it to stop crashing with realbot... lol

lextalionis 05-02-2005 03:57

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
Hey gang,

I just started using ServerLoader for srcds.exe (CS-S deticated server) and a .dat to html converter script .exe for uploading stats to my webserver. The proggy works great; however, I can seem to config the ini file to hide the proggy dialog windows...I want srcds.exe and my script to run behind the scenes w/o having to be manually minizized. I've used every config i.e. hide etc.

Also, is there a way to make the app load the antivirus or the steam client where it's minimized on the bottom right?


botmeister 05-02-2005 11:19

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
Some programs won't recognize these load settings (many don't, including Microsoft's own programs).

In the INI file put

; Window = <state>
; hide hides process window
; showinactive sets process window as inactive
; show sets process window as active (default)
; minimize set process window as minimized
; minimizeinactive set process window as minimized inactive
; Optional: Default setting is "show"
; Note: Not all programs will support these window settings.

The other thing you can try is

UserInterface = No

; UserInterface
; Yes = the programs interface will be made available
; No = the programs interface will not be made available
; Note: This setting is applied only during the initial
; installation of the service, therefore starting and stopping
; the service will not reload the UserInterface setting. Only
; reinstalling the service will reload the setting.

lextalionis 09-02-2005 00:32

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
Still can get the darn apps to minimize or run w/o active window!


botmeister 10-02-2005 01:00

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
PMB gave me something new to try out, so perhaps I can fix it if I can somehow get the pointer to the apps window process. Currently I am using the process pointer, but some processes are simply ignoring whatever window messages that are passed to them.

botmeister 10-02-2005 10:20

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
I seem to have found a solution to get the windows minimized. I just ran a test and my HLDS server and some other apps will now minimize on start up. I have to do more tests to see if all the windows commands work, but it looks real good so far.

robbob4 10-02-2005 15:34

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
would having -noipx cause problms or cause problems wuthout or neither?

botmeister 10-02-2005 21:16

Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
-noipx simply disables the netware ipx protocol, which most people do not use. For me I always have disabled ipx without any problems.

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