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Pierre-Marie Baty 23-11-2004 01:48

Are you a bot developer?
If you have developed a functional bot, or a bot related tool of some significance, and you wish to have a forum and/or a website hosted at Bots United, the first step is to let us know who you are, and tell us what you have created. The best place for introductions is in the Agora forum. The Agora is where Bots United conducts almost all of its business, and every member is free to join in on the discussions.

Please note that Bots United is only interested in hosting original material, therefore your creation must be your own original work, rather than a patch job, or modification to an existing open source bot template. The originality requirement is not black and white, and modifications to an existing bot may be accepted as original material provided the modifications result in a bot that differs significantly from the original and/or is a big improvement. We are also interested in bots that have been ported to a different game engine provided the port provides the bot community with something new and unique.

If Bots United looks like a good fit for your bot creation and you want to join in on all the fun as a hosted developer, you must post a formal request to join in the Agora with a public poll (yes/no), i.e. don't forget to tick the "Make votes public" checkbox when you post your poll. As soon as a majority of council members vote 'yes', your request will of been granted. You'll be contacted by one of our server administrators who will assist you with the installation of your website and your forum. An account and other services will be installed for you if our resources permit.

There are some rules to observe, still http://www.bots-united.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Rules to observe
Hosted developers must be present often (e.g., at least once or twice a week), and you must moderate your forum yourself if one was provided. As a moderator you must agree to, and abid by all the guidlines set forth in the Forum Board Rules of Conduct (FBRC).

LINK: http://www.bots-united.com/member-rules.php

In general, you are expected to always be kind and helpful to all the other members, and be cooperative with the other bot authors. Of course there should be no abuse of the provided services (e.g., forum, web space, bandwidth, email accounts) or the hosting and moderator privilages will be withdrawn.

The design of your website will be completely up to you, however a nice website template is available on request.

You are free to do anything you can think of to generate interest for your bot (or bot related creation), provided that your hosted webpages and forum remain dedicated to your bot creation, and that you observe all rules as set forth in the FBRC.

As a moderator, you'll have access to the moderators' forum where you can take part in mundane technical discussions about maintaining the server. Take note that discussions in the moderators forum are rare, and most of our talks are expected to take place in The Agora, which is open to the public.

Moderators also have the potential of joining the Bots United Council which is tasked with the overall governance of The Bots United organization. See the Council Rules page for more details.

LINK: http://www.bots-united.com/council-rules.php

Removal of hosting privileges
If a hosted member can no longer provide sufficient attention to their hosted website or forum (for any reason), then his hosting privileges might be withdrawn. If a hosted member intends to become inactive for a lengthy period of time, or perhaps forever, you are expected to inform the council members of your departure so that proper arrangements can be made to deal with it.

Should a hosted member depart for extended periods of time without giving notice, control over his site and forum will pass on to the Bots United Council, and a decision will be made with what to do about it. If attempts to reach the owner do not succeed, then the site may be modified into a read-only mode and archived as a reference, or removed entirely.

stefanhendriks 23-11-2004 17:37

Re: Are you a bot developer ?
what shall i say? Nicely written!

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