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Whistler 14-10-2019 07:24

[Port] Xash3D (Half-Life 1) for Windows RT
here's a quick port of Xash3D (half-life open source clone) to Windows RT.
This should also work under Windows 10 ARM (without x86 emulation layer).

NOTE: You still need the original data files of Half-Life to run the game (the contents of 'valve' folder), which is NOT included here.
Source Code is included.



Download Link:
Counter-Strike 1.6 MOD dll:

Please let me know if problem exists.

The Storm 17-10-2019 23:41

Re: [Port] Xash3D (Half-Life 1) for Windows RT
Good work! I didn't knew that Xash3D supports the WON GUI interface, very cool. :)

Whistler 31-10-2019 18:36

Re: [Port] Xash3D (Half-Life 1) for Windows RT
Added Counter-Strike 1.6 MOD dll.

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