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OSIAS 13-10-2011 00:29

jump landing help?
So I am like 99.999% done with Montezuma's Revenge. Don't know if anyone remembers that map but you have to jump into the back of a truck with the docs for extraction to get a ally win.

Anyhow I have tried the jump, gap and ladder flags on the nodes but I cant get the bots into the back of the truck. Been working on it for a couple days already actually and i read in the dev notes that its buggy. However I do not have any other options to try, not going to open up the map editor and change things and re-publish a ancient map.

The real issue is with the top roof of the truck not the landing, they always hit it and cant seem to just push forward while in the air and slide in. ITs not like you have to crouch to get in or anything just walk right up to the bumper, hit jump and push forward.

I have tried dozens of combinations with different flags and radius's and moving the nodes up down and all around. They havent even gotten lucky once and just got bumped in. Heck I even crouched in front of the truck for the bot and still cant do it.

I know this is a dead mod really but I would appreciate and tips or tricks that anyone could advise to solve this issue. In the meantime I Will push onto the next map Valor.

Thanks in advance if I get any replies....

TomTom 17-10-2011 03:07

Re: jump landing help?
Since you are talking RTCW there are less tools in the toolkit to work from (Fritzbot_Et allows changing the map script file.) I don't know the map (was it ever ported to ET?) but your description sounds right. Get the angle right, play with the regular and jump flags, make sure the path approach is straight and they have enough speed, narrow the destination node radius so they don't prematurely stop before they are solidly on the edge. AS it is the game exit trigger the final node radius can be as small as you want, the deliver action can even be on a node buried beyond so long as the bot must take the path into the truck.

Without seeing the map and screenshots of the nodes and radii, that's all I can say to help, sorry.

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