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Adder 31-01-2010 18:05

Returning Player need some help
Hi all

Decided I want to play Fritzbot again and was wondering what to download so I can play a campaign with just the original maps (except railgun of course). I tried this last month and could not get a campaign to run at all!

If anyone knows what I need to do to make this happen I would be grateful.


TomTom 01-02-2010 01:52

Re: Returning Player need some help
Welcome back Adder! :guns:
Since you don't tell us if this is a new/re-install it is difficult to know where to start.
1- Obviously check the wiki (user wiki: password: nospam)
2- Then try to create a shortcut...
"C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set fs_game fritzbot +gametype 4 +campaign cmpgn_fritzbot_a
3- Look for error message in the console ~. Does it report being unable to open a file? is it a .campaign file or a .bsp file problem?
4- Try running a campaign after loading a map in single objective mode (example: /campaign cmpgn_fritzbot_a )
(do not add filetype)
If you are still having problems, please answer the following
Are you using Vista or a later O/S? Are you using a version of ET other than 2.60 or 2.60B? Are you using a custom made .campaign file? Do you have all the waypoint packs and map files? Did you try running campaigns with /sv_pure 0 too?

Adder 01-02-2010 02:18

Re: Returning Player need some help
Hi TomTom

Nice to see you're still on the board after all this time.

I'm gonna do a clean install using Windows XP. I'll update to 2.60b.
I'm not using any campaign file cos from what I remember from the old days I could D/L Fritz and run a campaign using the standard maps from the get go, but when I tried it and tried to run either Fritz Europe or Fritz North Africa etc it wouldn't work.

I dowloaded as per the wiki but it just wouldn't work...

Nice to see your still holding the fort on Fritz, was always by far the best bot for ET.


Adder 01-02-2010 02:45

Re: Returning Player need some help
PS I ran the game using the shortcut : "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set fs_game fritzbot +gametype 4 +campaign cmpgn_fritzbot_a

It started at El kef then when the map finished it went back to the begining of el kef....


TomTom 01-02-2010 03:01

Re: Returning Player need some help
It should start at Oasis (oasis;sw_el_kef;rommel_final). That suggests a problem maybe in \etmain or \fritzbot. If you have a lot of pk3 files in \etmain I would move out those not needed for ET and that campaign, then retry. If that fixes it then a bad file or conflict could be the problem (ET accesses all the files if using \sv_pure 1 to make a list, and a bad file can have odd effects on campaigns and even crash ET). Alternately a missing waypoint file might result in a map getting skipped.

Adder 02-02-2010 01:23

Re: Returning Player need some help
Hi Mate

I cleared out all the maps and started one by one, so far it works up to Rommel_final. Is there a way I can get a campaign to run all the standard maps? Been a long time since I messed with ET so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


TomTom 02-02-2010 07:04

Re: Returning Player need some help
Well you can create a campaign file

    name            "Adder std maps"
    shortname        "adder_std"
    description    "Just the standard ET maps please."
    maps        "oasis;goldrush;battery;radar;fueldump;railgun;"
    mapTC            300 300
    type            "wolfmp"

say save it to \fritzbot\scripts\adder_std.campaign
if you use \sv_pure 0 it can then be used as is
/campaign adder_std

or if you want to use \sv_pure 1
then you need to pack up the campaign file in a pk3 file while keeping the \scripts path inside.
  1. Create a zip file in \fritzbot say camps_adder.zip. Using winrar create the scripts folder inside the camps_adder.zip file.
  2. Then drag and drop the adder_std.campaign file into the scripts folder inside camps_adder.zip.
  3. Verify the campaign file is in the right place in the zip file. Exit winrar. rename camps_adder.zip to camps_adder.pk3.
  4. Start FritzBot ET and "Adder std maps" should appear in the list of available campaigns.

You can also move the camps_adder.pk3 to \etmain if you want to use it in other flavors of ET.

Note: you need the latest waypoint pack Fritz3_1.00.pk3 for the railgun waypoints by 420Blunt.

Adder 08-02-2010 12:03

Re: Returning Player need some help
Did all of the above but everytime I run the campaign It want's to go to SW el Kef after Oasis and not Goldrush... Also how do I bind a key to add bots?


TomTom 09-02-2010 04:03

Re: Returning Player need some help
ET goes to SW_el_kef because it is falling back to cmpgn_fritzbot_a as the default campaign either initially or after oasis runs. To get a better guess why I would need to see the console.log if you are logging it. Are you using a pure server (/sv_pure 1) or the easier /sv_pure 0?

// FILENAME: etmain\LogIt.cfg
// USAGE: /exec LogIt.cfg
// OUTPUTS: \fritzbot\etconcole.log \fritzbot\etserver.log
//        for other bots substitute the mod name for fritzbot
// DESCRIPTION: How to log server and console messages
seta cg_drawNotifyText "1" // 0 or 1, Client Side, etconsole.log
seta cg_textNotify "1"    // 0 or 1, Client Side, etconsole.log
seta g_logSync "2" // Server log - 0=no log, 1=buffered, 2=continuous,  3=append
seta g_log "etserver.log"  // Server log filename
//                  (use Log ? for setting server/client log filename?)
seta logfile "2" // Server and Console logging - 0=disable? 1=enable, 2=enable_and_sync

As to binding /addbot to a key, if you are using the FritzBot ET client there is the menu option to add a random bot. In game hit Escape then click on FRITZBOT, then click on Add Random Bot and then hit the key you want to bind. See the wiki for more info on key-binds. If you are using Whaleclient you will have to enter the key bind in the console or in a cfg file. If you are connecting to a dedicated server you can use remote console commands rcon.

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