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frontunits 03-12-2009 13:54

Campagin Overwrite?
When i play north africa campagin,it became Fritz Africa.I tried Every Campagin,But No one has the original Seawall Battery Map included.Any way to Solve it?I can play single objective,but i want enter seawall battery with high rank and skills...

mikeqc 04-12-2009 01:22

Re: Campagin Overwrite?
do a file like this
name "campaign"
shortname "campaign"
description "campaign"
maps "battery;oasis;goldrush"
mapTC 300 300
type "wolfmp"
and put it on fritzbot/script

TomTom 04-12-2009 01:46

Re: Campagin Overwrite?
Not certain why FritzBot ET does seem to replace the default north african campaign (the central european campaign was replaced because the railgun train was not supportable).
Campaign files have problems in ET in general. ET may reject a campaign if a map file is missing or if the first map in the campaign is not accepted (why no one knows). And if a problem occurs in a campaign file ET may even crash because the campaign error checking coded in ET is imperfect.

My suggestion is to make your own campaign files and see how that goes. A recent topic on the Splash Damage forums covers campaign files nicely (or search these forums for previous posts).

frontunits 04-12-2009 22:16

Re: Campagin Overwrite?
Ok,Created A custom Campagin and work perfectly,Problem Solved,Thank.http://forums.bots-united.com/images/icons/icon7.gif

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