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JarMan 30-07-2009 03:33

unknown token
Hello, and thanks,
I tried looking 4 threads on this matter and could not locate any.
So heres my prob.
when I attemp to log onto Fritzbot I recieve this error:

BG_IndexForString=unknown token fg42
(models/players/multi_axis/wolfanim.script, line 20

Iam running XP
so what the heck is this ????

TomTom 30-07-2009 07:32

Re: unknown token
Obviously you are talking RTCW which I don't play so the points i post are just educated guesses.

(1) Are you "logging" into a server? Well you must have FritzBot installed and patched on the client computer. If you log in from plain RTCW then your client won't accept the new weapon (fg42).

from the wiki:

NOTE TO SERVER ADMINS: In the past, it was possible to run a Windows server of FritzBot that Linux and Mac clients could connect to. With the addition of the FG42 (Fritzbot version 0.53 Beta and up), and several other additions requested by the community, that is no longer possible. Anyone that connects to a FritzBot server will also have to be running the mod.
(2) If you are hosting and you get that error I suspect you don't have FritzBot properly installed and patched or your installation is corrupt.

Can't help much more than that, Crapshoot likely knows, try PMing him.

CrapShoot 30-07-2009 07:50

Re: unknown token
TomTom is 100% correct. Once the fg42 was added, the mod was no longer server side only.

JarMan 30-07-2009 21:05

Re: unknown token
I have RtCW installed thru STEAM,
and I was attempting it that way. But when I downloaded fritzbot I made sure they were going into the right file.
But I dont have any prob. logging into any other servers from the list.
GO Figure.
thanks for the reply's
well to quote those imortal words form Mike Muir - Suicidal Tendencies
I'LL FIGURE IT OUT MYSEF (Institutionalize)

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