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Pierre-Marie Baty 05-01-2004 04:28

botman's bots's new home

It was just to notify people that botman's website has a new home at bots-united... we also host all his releases for downloading, so this time you can say bye bye to the problems with fileplanet not having the files :)

There are also a non neglectable quantity of tutorials that we thought we wouldn't want to let go away in case gamespy decided suddently to shutdown botman's pages for whatever reason someday.

The website is now located at http://hpb-bot.bots-united.com


Austin 05-01-2004 06:09

Re: botman's bots's new home
Nice work!
Did Botman send the web site or did you rip the pages?

Pierre-Marie Baty 05-01-2004 07:11

Re: botman's bots's new home
he sent them to Stefan who uploaded it to Bots United... I only had to add an entry to the webserver then.

Rick 05-01-2004 12:22

Re: botman's bots's new home
nice work :)

botman 05-01-2004 14:42

Re: botman's bots's new home
Someone should probably change the URL on the www.bots-united.com webpage to link to hpb_bot.bots-united.com instead of www.gearboxsoftware.com


Pierre-Marie Baty 05-01-2004 14:57

Re: botman's bots's new home
oops sorry :)

"someone" executes right away...

TruB 06-01-2004 01:10

Re: botman's bots's new home

its too easy to reply with the quicky..

-=RAV=-AdrianShephard 06-01-2004 01:50

Re: botman's bots's new home
yeah it is

i love it

koraX 06-01-2004 09:06

Re: botman's bots's new home
well there is one 'bug' in this mirror. If you click on "Forum" link in original page, you are taken to page where you can download zipped botman's forum.
In this mirror, clicking on "Forum" will take you right to new forum and you can't obtain a link to zipped botman's forum :|

Pierre-Marie Baty 06-01-2004 13:17

Re: botman's bots's new home
fixed - a link has been added on the front page :)

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