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TomTom 29-07-2014 02:31

C2 Missile (Beta 4) waypoints for FritzBot_ET
Since the wiki is still down, and I do not recall anyone claiming dibs on missile_b4, this is a notice to say that I have playable WIP waypoints in testing stage for the ET map missile_b4 by: by eiM and xeoxis.

I am still tweaking (more routes...), and balance testing has been good so far. Anyone who wants to help test can request the waypoints with a PM.

FYI Map Changes: In the waypoint's map script; the power supply can't be stolen by an Allied Cvop before the door controls are blown, and the missile controls can't be disassembled before the gates' power supply is delivered. But Humans can hideout in a preposition for a fast steal or deconstruct.

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