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ZonixZ 23-11-2012 19:05

HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
So yes, as the title says, me and my friend have been trying to get HPB Bot work with Gunman Chronicles, we've tried many things, but nothing really works 100%.

So just at first, we managed to make the HPB Bot work with GC, we managed to add bots, making waypoints worked, however you could not load pre-made waypoints, as the HPB Bot did not recognize where the waypoint should be, or where it actually is. Because the game folder for Gunman Chronicles, "rewolf" is not a compatible folder with HPB Bot since it's not supported by it.

But adding random bots worked, the bots could run around, they couldn't fire. And upon trying to use the command "waypoint save" would result in a crash, and you get the error 0xC0000005 (Access Violation Error), located in the crash reports.

So since Rewolf isn't a compatible folder, we tried to change the name of the folder to a compatible game, such as Teamfortress Classic, or the mod supported by HPB called Holy Wars, just to see if that worked.

So it worked, just renaming the rewolf folder into a different name, such as tfc or holywars. Now it was possible to load pre-made waypoints, save waypoints and making waypoints worked fine. But adding bots into the game while having the folder renamed, gave the same crash above, a 0xC0000005 error.

We're really out of clues what to do here, and we really badly want bots as we are trying to keep this alive with the small community we got.

So, I turn myself to this forum, can anyone help out? It would be very, very much appreciated!

Here's the work we've come with HPB for GC so far: http://gcservers.me/downloads/GCBots/Source/Rev3.rar

(GCServers is our website for our community, it has been down since now, since we got a new host just now actually).

- ZonixZ

ZonixZ 30-11-2012 22:45

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
This forum doesn't feel very alive : /

Is there even anyone still on this forum?

madmax2 03-12-2012 09:52

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
Welcome ZonixZ,

Yeah, it's kinda slow here:sleep1:, but there are still active members. Now I'm not a coder, just a semi-experienced bot user/waypointer. So this may be no help. I think what you are asking may require some changes in the bot code/dll to make it work right. I think you need someone that knows coding or is interested in learning bot coding(perhaps one of you're friends?) to modify the bot dll to support GC, I believe HPB is open source. I don't think botman comes here very often anymore?

Another bot designed for multi-mod support is RCbot1, it is also open source. Cheeseh is still active here and still developing, RCbot2 for Half-life2 & TF2. But he stopped development on RCbot1, for Half-life 1 engine.

I was also going to suggest you try over at Allied Modders, but I found this in a google search, was that you?


If that is you, you may have a missmatch in rcbot/metamod versions. I would try using the rcbotbeta v1.441 from the filebase, without metamod, use the rcbot.dll.... I still think you may get bots to join, but they won't work right without some code support/changes...

Anyone else wana chime in here, tell me I'm wrong or right??? Give this guy a better answer than I can....:whistling:


ZonixZ 03-12-2012 11:12

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
Thanks for an answer! :D I thought this forum was abandoned.

Yeah HPB is open source, that's why we've tried to edit it, however it appears to be alot to edit.

And well, that isn't me who posted that in AlliedModders, but that's my friend. He said that AlliedModders could help, but with that answer I turned to Bots-United and asked, however until now no answers ^^

And yeah, it requires some bot coding knowledge / C++ understanding, it's easy to find parameters that are relevant to compatibility to the mod, however what everything does, is difficult.

The reason we're trying with metamod is because we want them on our servers, as mentioned we have a small community with about 15 players so far, and adding some bots for some relaxed shooting wouldn't be too bad :D

So I don't know, I can try the right RCBot version, just to see if it would work better without metamod. Cheers.

Also, I was gonna try to contact Cheeseh or make a forum post, however I got lost and I couldnt find how to, I spent maybe 5-10 minutes looking for how to get contact or post, so if you know how it would be very appreciated if you helped! :D

Thanks for the reply, I'll come back and post if the RCBot attempt didn't work/worked.

- ZonixZ

madmax2 03-12-2012 22:06

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
The RCbot forum is here:

You will need a new member account there, too...

You could try posting in the RCbot 1.4 beta thread here:

Or better yet a new post in the Source Code forum here:

Don't expect to much help, Cheeseh is very busy with coding for RCbot2 these days and he isn't coding for RCbot1 anymore, but he did fix it for svencoop 4.6. You may get some tips or pointers from him, but you will likely still need someone that can edit the source code for you. The up side is, he visits the forums quite frequently right now, almost daily, so maybe you will get lucky?:balloon:

I use this version of rcbot with & without metamod on natural selections 3.1. I use an older metamod version with it, v1.18, seems like i had some problems with newer metamods. I think the source code for this rcbot version is available, as well as the source for the newer svencoop dll's. With the newest svencoop v4.6 I use metamod-p v1.19p32. GC being a very old game/mod, you may be better off using the older version of metamod/bot? This may depend if you are using Steam or Sierra/CD/LAN or WON2, I'm not sure? I'm basicly using RCbot LAN only.

Here are some direct links:

rcbot_beta_full.zip (supporting files required to make rcbot work)
The filebase page: http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...ct=view&id=210
Download link: http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...ownload&id=210

rcbot_beta.zip (dll files only)
The filebase page: http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...ct=view&id=205
Download link: http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...ownload&id=205

The Source code is here, even though it says it's for rcbot v1.38, I think Cheeseh did update it to v1.441, according to some posts in the 1.4 beta thread, which btw has a lot of coding discussions in it too. [edit]Ok, I verified this is likely v1.441 source code. Many of the file dates are july nov & dec of 2006 and the included version.txt lists the updates for v1.441.

LordSkitch/Cheeseh did more updates fixes to the code after that, but I fear that source code may of been lost, because it was hosted off site...:crying:

Perhaps the Source code for the svencoop 4.6 version of RCbot1 can be used & includes LordSkitch's fixes, I don't no? Haven't located that yet?

tschumann 25-05-2016 13:01

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
Maybe a bit late but I started working on a bot for Gunman Chronicles (among other things) and only got around to releasing in just recently: http://www.moddb.com/mods/sandbot
It's still a work in progress but you can play against reasonably competent bots.

The Storm 25-05-2016 14:32

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
Do you want forum section here to support your community?

tschumann 28-05-2016 08:07

Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles

Originally Posted by The Storm (Post 66544)
Do you want forum section here to support your community?

Sure - send me a PM.

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