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philmyboob 08-03-2010 19:36

need help with linux install
hey whats up guys i was wondering if someone could help me i am using a linux system for the dedicated server and its running amxmodx adminmod and metamod i tried installed the bots on the server and when i run meta list through linux console it says:

[ 4] <EPB_i386.so> badf load EPB_i386.so v - ini - -

i already added the iso to the metamod plugins.ini:

linux EPODbot/EPB_i386.so

and everything is installed in hlds/cstrike/EPODbot/

please help? :)

The Storm 09-03-2010 22:39

Re: need help with linux install

Could you post the log from the server console when starting the server, in order to investigate the problem. :)

Peedori 18-11-2012 12:51

Re: need help with linux install
This will solve your problem:

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