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keiv1 09-01-2006 05:14

Performance issues with bots
I actually post it here cuz at the moment im running joebot though it was same with podbot its even same whether i use steam or 1.5 cs. i experience that in combat situation it seems that my cpu works that hard that my mouse and keyboard actions get delayed. that pretty crappy in a hectic situation ;).

i have an
amd athlon xp 2000 processor
768 mb ram
geforce 6600 gt
win 2k fully updated all packs und patches

does anybody know what to do to increase performance or what is the origin of that?


@$3.1415rin 09-01-2006 21:02

Re: Performance issues with bots
well, bots need cpu time, that's nothing new, but I guess you are running anyway on that system like always 72fps for example, so normally you should see such effects, since the bots don't use that much more cpu power when fighting.

are you running any other plugins or extensions ?

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