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Pind1 11-09-2008 14:20

Condition Zero problem
Hello i got my CZ server hostet.

I want 2 bots to be in the server bot then a human join 1 bot leave. The problem is that the bots dont leave then humans join, i got bot_auto_vacate 1 on 1.

Please help me!

commonbullet 17-09-2008 04:23

Re: Condition Zero problem
Maybe it will help you:

Originally Posted by Mike
If you set bot_auto_vacate to 1, the system will always keep one player slot open, kicking bots if necessary.

For example, assume bot_quota is 4, maxplayers is 8, and there are 4 humans in the game. That means the game is full (4 bots + 4 humans = 8 players) and no-one is able to join.

If you turn on bot_auto_vacate in that situation, the system will kick one bot to keep a slot open for a human to join, leaving 3 bots and 4 humans.

If the number of humans then drops to 3, a bot will re-join since 4 bots + 3 humans = 7 players, and a slot is still available.


Pind1 17-09-2008 15:54

Re: Condition Zero problem
The thing i want is then there is 2 bots in the server only 1 bot are on if 1 player join. So then there is more than 2 humans, there are none bots in the server.

Stixsmaster 17-10-2008 07:30

Re: Condition Zero problem
The way the CZ bots auto_vacate feature works I believe is that the bots stay untill the server is filled with humans and just those 2 bots then when another user joins that is when a bot leaves and a user replaces them...


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