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ExAnimo 17-04-2012 10:20

Please allow to pass bots through bots
Please allow bots to pass through each other. Because now in the gut such as ventilation cs_assault they stand and wait until the coming decides to go ahead of him right or turn left to the hostages and going back not pass through this indecisive bot. As in podbot.cfg pb_ffa 0 -1 add the pb_semiclip 0-1. After all bots aren't able to do a planting and other so function of blocking of one player by another isn't necessary, let players pass through the at least in the team.

I use a plug-in Team Semiclip

iluvbot 01-05-2012 06:25

Re: Please allow to pass bots through bots
yes, i think it's better to add cvar to allow semi clip mode for podbot ,too

i always use "team semi clip" plugin for some maps which have narrow area such as cs_assault , de_vegas , de_luxor ... and many maps
so i think it's better if bots have this functions

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