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doom777 28-07-2004 00:36

server runs double time
i have installed a fresh copy of windows 2000 advanced server
to run a small 10 man cs dedicated server

but when i run the server the server runs at double time
for example the server time goes 2 seconds for every real 1 second.

The bios clock and system time is running correctly.
This also happened with windows 2000 PRO.

please help me i can find no info on this prob:'( :'( :'(

Pierre-Marie Baty 28-07-2004 01:49

Re: server runs double time
Are you running HLBooster in your metamod plugins ?

doom777 28-07-2004 02:23

Re: server runs double time
No, Just hlds v1120! Only thing i did before noticeing the prob was get updates for counter strike via hl update tool

i have also tired runing server with and with out latest service pack

Pierre-Marie Baty 28-07-2004 03:16

Re: server runs double time
I'm clueless... never heard of anything similar

The HL server time is normally dependent on the OS's multimedia timers... that's the only beginning of a hint I can give you because I don't see any reason why these would fail :(

doom777 30-07-2004 02:56

Re: server runs double time
I broke down and put xp on it :( i hate xp 4 a cs server>:(

haha 02-12-2004 21:45

Re: server runs double time
You tried to reinstall your dedicated server?

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