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Whistler 23-12-2011 17:53

HPB-bot style hook DLL for Doom3
I was tinkering around with doom3 stuff and got something like this working ;)

source code:

usage: compile and zip the dll as well as binary.conf file (can be copied from game00.pk4) as "zeta.pk4" (the filename can be changed in Export.cpp however it must be something alphabetically latter than the original pk4 files), put the created zeta.pk4 file into base directory and launch the game.

EDIT: updated the URL; M$ codeplex's SVN is buggy (which is not really SVN but M$'s Team Foundation Server) and causes problems with props/branches/merging/large commits/etc.

Rick 23-12-2011 22:46

Re: HPB-bot style hook DLL for Doom3
Nice :) The beginning of Whistler-Bot?

I assume everyone can still join the game etc?

Whistler 25-12-2011 04:27

Re: HPB-bot style hook DLL for Doom3
^ not really... I was just tinkering around and don't have any serious plans. In fact I haven't even figured out how to add bots into doom3 yet.

as for joining the game, clients should be able to connect to server by installing the same pk4 file or enable autodownload on server (due to doom3 validates the pk4 files during connection).

EDIT: actually I'm not even sure if it's possible to implement bots in this way... unlike HL1 in doom3 too much stuff is implemented in mod dll rather than engine.

Whistler 01-01-2012 05:15

Re: HPB-bot style hook DLL for Doom3
bots can join the game now - although some codes have to be done in extremely hackish way due to the design of doom3. tested working with dedicated server & real client connection with some limitations (bot will get kicked if real client is allocated into the same client index, which I wasn't able to prevent due to the bots/fakeclients are not created/managed by engine).


svn repository see the first post.

as I'm not sure if I'll have the time to implement something actually works, I'll just post this extremely preliminary & low-quality stuff in the SVN in the hope of someone else find it useful.

Whistler 09-12-2012 04:53

Re: HPB-bot style hook DLL for Doom3
too bad I can't do something like this with the vanilla version of the new BFG edition - everything is compiled into a monolithic .EXE file for the BFG edition :(

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