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mahmoodi 30-08-2014 02:49

[Req] iam need to your help for chat bots
None of the [REPLIES] does not work.
Sample :
hi %s
slm %s
hi : )

han/: D
: |

and .....
I've also adjusted the pb_chat 1
The chat works,Like the [KILLED] , [BOMBPLANT] , [DEADCHAT].
How to fix [REPLIES] ?
How many shoes chat much more when I'm dead ?
I topic for the first case study, but I do not know
How do we work such hours are 1 to 12 number 4 Bot time is 12 to 24 8 to bot?(Using the server's time.)
This means that people who can not make a character play, 24-hour counter :D

Please Help Me.
Sorry For My Bad English :unsure:
Thank You :x

KWo 31-08-2014 13:58

Re: [Req] iam need to your help for chat bots
It's not easy to understand what You are asking for...
I have understood the first part concerning replies. If You are using the official version V3B22, just update it to the beta. It's called "beta", but it should be called as a "build" (the people are not reporting any crash with this version, so You can use it on Your server).
The second part of Your question is not clear for me. Try to re-phrase it.

genmac 15-12-2014 08:57

Re: [Req] iam need to your help for chat bots
I think he want bots to chat with him LoL!

@mahmoodi...use google chrome to translate...or just post in your native language I'm sure kwo can use a better a translating app.

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