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tschumann 18-07-2012 03:10

making a model-based door
I'm trying to make a model-based door for a mod I'm working on.
What I'm doing is rotating the bounding/collision box so that it aligns with the model (so that doors can be at different orientations, not because I'm making a rotating door).
The problem is that if the door is oriented at an angle either >90 and <180 degrees or >270 and <360 degrees the bounding box is invalid because one of the mins will be greater than one of the maxs.
Anyone know any way around this?

sixcentgeorgefr 01-12-2020 14:18

Re: making a model-based door
i am not sure.. what means your door rotation ...you should try to post an image or two of your idea .. or a link to an other map of a mod ..
for my giant mod.. i played a lot of maps.. with differents dlls[engine]
a trick i saw in decay [ the map you start with a plane outside that later drops grunts ] and in residual point : is the use of two doors so they only open from one side..[or so ]
the trick is invisible when you use the mod's dlls but it becomes visible when you change de dll[engine]
same with the very good "echoes" mod.. made with a very old spirit of half life ..[ that sadly does not have the Tor as enemy .. instead of the Alien_Grunt_maxi strong..] if you play his maps with the sweet hl dlls.. then there are no more cars or trucks in the parking .. i also played the residual point maps with the echoes dlls .. and then found two "bugs" in two maps [ one at the begining when you take the ride "a la half life" visiting the complex ] [ the other is at the first end .. when player finish teleported and then captured ][ the train does not get above the rails ]
i posted few image of this : https://postimg.cc/gallery/DLXmLNy
console writes something about a deadpoint.. problem should come from spirit of hl .. i do not know how is coded residual point dlls engine .. valve is not having a dev wiki.. with codes listed by "fgd entities" for a reuse .. in others dlls ..

tschumann 02-12-2020 22:23

Re: making a model-based door
This was a long time ago now but I think I did get it working.
I'm sure I have the code... somewhere, but it was for a mod I was helping someone else with.

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