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The Storm 27-03-2006 20:09

Current console commands for E[POD]bot
Here I will post the commands that server admin need to know:

[Update September 17, 2006 @ 7:32PM MST]
NOTE: The console commands are currently going under some revision. The standard we will use is not FINALIZED yet. Once we have the format finalized we will update the readme changelongs and this thread, so if your console commands stop working, you can try with and without the underscore or space after epb (eg. try both epb_addobt and epb addbot and see which works). The ListenServer seems to work with and without the underscore there.

[Update Octomber 15, 2006 @ 14:47PM GMT]
Now all commands work fine with underscore.

epb_botmenu - Turn on the bot menu.
epb_addbot - Add random bot.
epb_add_t - Add Terrorist bot.
epb_add_ct - Add CT bot.
epb_autofill on/off - Turn on/off bots auto joining/kicking system (you need to setup correct epb_min_bots and epb_max_bots in to the EPB.cfg file).
epb_kick_bot - Kick random bot.
epb_kick_t - Kick a Terroris bot.
epb_kick_ct - Kick a CT bot.
epb_removebots - Remove all the bots from the server.
epb_killbots - Kill all the bots.
epb_jasonmode on/off - Turn on/off the knife mode.
epb_waypoint on/off - Turn on/off the waypoints.
epb_pathwaypoint on/off Tirm on/off the pathwaypoints.
epb_waypoint add - Open the the waypoint add menu.
epb_wayzone - Set a wayzone for a waypoint.
epb_autowaypoint on/off - Turn on/off autowaypoing.
epb_setwaypoint - set a waypoint for path managing.
epb_wpathmanager_create1 - Create a one side path waypoint.
epb_wpathmanager_create2 - Create both sides path waypoints.
epb_wpathmanager_remove1 - Delete one side path waypoint.
epb_wpathmanager_remove2 - Delete both sides path waypoints.

Most of the commands are avalable in to the EPB menu. You can turn it on with "=" or "p" buttons, but only in Listen Server, not the dedicated server mode. The commands that are not avalable in to the EPB menu can be used only as config commands.

Also, using "epb_waypoint on noclip" turns on waypoint editing and toggles on/off the noclip cheat to make it easier for waypointers to get around the level and observe waypoints. Works great for getting up a cliff when you don't wanna spend those 30 seconds finding that path. ;)

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