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mirv 20-01-2006 09:10

Working on a game...
Thought I'd post something here and resurrect this area. Anyways, I'm working on my own little project that will eventually turn into a game engine - just got a level editor to the stage where it can export enough info for a map (it basically does texture management, terrain editing, add some planes [e.g for water], and a player start location) and I'm now working on visibility culling & map compiling, from whence I can start working on the rendering pipeline of the engine in earnest.
Anyway, if people are interested, let me know and I'll set up a sourceforge site or something (warning: I'm on a 56k modem here, so I'm limited to putting up source code and very small files!).

Rick 20-01-2006 12:48

Re: Working on a game...
Maybe an SF/BerliOS site would be nice and some screenies :)
Also is it (going to be) cross platform? :shifty:

Whistler 20-01-2006 15:07

Re: Working on a game...
well if the software is cross-platform you can also try http://sv.gnu.org as this one doesn't have any annoying advertisements, and the project hosted there is not as many as sf.net, so it could be a little faster than sourceforge.net for 56k modem :P

Ancient 20-01-2006 23:43

Re: Working on a game...
hmm sounds intresting. I can also provide you hosting if you wish.

A little more info about what the game will be like would be more helpful.

mirv 21-01-2006 13:58

Re: Working on a game...
Not entirely sure of the game yet - working on the engine first - but I do know it'll have outdoor terrain, as I for some reason enjoy working on that.
And yes - it will be cross platform. Using the fox gui toolkit for the editor (www.fox-toolkit.org) [which actually has some problems getting to run under MacOSX, unless the OSX x11 server is installed], and SDL for graphics of the engine itself. When I eventually move to sound, I'm thinking OpenAL. License will be lgpl, when I actually put the right stuff in the source files, and make everything comply.
I'll organise some screenies of the editor and post them up tomorrow.

Thanks for the feedback!

mirv 24-01-2006 10:45

Re: Working on a game...
Having problems attaching images. Can't paste any links to any as I don't have any web space! Please have a little patience, I'm working on it...

mirv 24-01-2006 11:02

Re: Working on a game...
3 Attachment(s)
Though somewhat small, some pictures. I'm working on octree generation at the moment, and will be putting it into the engine as soon as saving it to file is finished! The pics should be attached - if not, then I buggered up!

mirv 03-05-2006 10:46

Re: Working on a game...
Well I've been absent for a while, but I'm still working on my engine. I've come to some realisations about what I want with it, and thought I'd just post a few thoughts here.
I want to make something worthy of "ooooooh"s and "aaaahhhh"s.
Anyway, I haven't browsed the source code for heaps of other engines (the quake series for example) because I'm making things the way I want to, not the way other people _used_ to do it. Starting from the beginning with programming is often a good thing because of new technologies, and I also learn more this way. Once I have a foundation laid out, then I can look into other people's work for inspiration (rather than for emulation).
All that laid aside, I'm going to spend at least 1.5hours a day programming (I'm flexible here of course - it may not be appropriate some days), and in a month I'll put whatever I have up on the net (I say a month to give myself a time frame - pressure is a good motivator).
Right now I have a basic editor, and I'm working on basics of the engine itself. Momentarily distracted because I thought of a faster method to drawn terrain, I'm working on generic and terrain-specialised line intersection tests (useful for determining if something is at ground level or not). After that I'm going to work on environment modification (water at first), simple shapes (crates, that kind of thing), and solidifying the internal tree structures to best manage it all.

mirv 03-06-2006 05:35

Re: Working on a game...
Been a month since I last posted here, and I've got a lot done - and realised to change a lot! I realised earlier in the week that I should change some internal tree structures - doing so will effectively halve the rendering time and almost double the frame rates.
Anyway, if I can think of a name for the engine and associated editor (any ideas?) I'll try put them up on sourceforge, otherwise I'll just put some tarballs on my webspace.

Rick 03-06-2006 12:56

Re: Working on a game...
How about YAE - Yet Another Engine? ;)

Does it have anything specific over other engines? If so, it would be easier to come up with a name :)

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