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Lifeisverystrangeindeed! 28-02-2018 23:47

Recommendation for CS 1.6 bots
I'm frustrated that you can't use CZ bots in 1.6 anymore, and PODBOTMM are a bunch of silly sausages when it comes to moving around. They always block doors and are just unrealiable. Any bots better than this?

Whistler 01-03-2018 08:52

Re: Recommendation for CS 1.6 bots
CZ bots are still available (however disabled) in CS 1.6, which can be enabled with some sort of hacks

RoboCop 01-03-2018 15:00

Re: Recommendation for CS 1.6 bots
You can also try YaPB by jeefo which provide over 4000 Waypoints for your CS 1.6! YaPB is compatible with PODBot waypoints. The latest build of YaPB however appears to be a bit unstable, so you maybe best trying on the Legacy v2.73 - 4549_git246 build as that seems to work fine on my Linux CS 1.6.


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