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sixcentgeorgefr 04-12-2020 11:19

Re: JK-Botti 1.44-beta Src Code Unofficial WIP
the thing that puzzle , is that you launched the 1.44 beta here.. and he makes edits at github .. even very recently this year..
i do not care much about who is the real leader in a team or not the leader..
i only believe in the "what is done" : not so much in the "when it's done"
a famous word used a lot at svencoop's 3.0 forum ...or black mesa before the xen fail...

here i wonder if what you added , has to be patched into the files at github..

i am not so much a dev , mostly because M$ makes visual studios softwares that are unable to compile properly previous projects.. [ like its windows with dos or win9x softwares.. ] [ it bloats so much that with each new windows the numbers of registers for "users" is dropping.. [ that was the same with svencoop 3.5 that was never published.. the devs were loading so much models [ of weapons ] in their beta dlls that was impossible to use them for porting they-hunger coop.. "in express" ] .. i hope to see the "intel 's EFI os " to really get strengh " : i mean be able to compile... i dream of a "efi half life " with all tools to create maps , models and dlls for player or server.. that should give a super power to the game..and a start quick either..like in console...

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