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MarD 15-04-2004 01:21

Want waypoints?

As most of ya know, I'm the official waypointer for E[POD]bot, and I've got a site full o' waypoints at:


and here's the question I've got, I've got some spare time for a bit, and was wonderin' if there's any popular map that I havn't waypointed that you guys think I should waypoint?

Just post your requests, and I'll see what I can do. 8D

kablaq 09-05-2004 00:59

Re: Want waypoints?
have you done a de_rats or de_rats2 waypoint?:D

Whistler 09-05-2004 12:08

Re: Want waypoints?
You can just use PODbot waypoints with EPODbot.
(But don't use waypoints for PM's Metamod POD-Bot !)

MarD 10-05-2004 08:21

Re: Want waypoints?

Hmm, De_rats 1 & 2 eh? I did them before... but they were on me ol' computer setup before it died... so I'll just rewaypoint em' tmorrow. :)

MarD 14-05-2004 10:24

Re: Want waypoints?

Go to my website now for DE_Rats 1 waypoints. I had probs with the CT bots and the fridge... I fixed it as much as I could... but still... *signs* oh well, I tried. :P

MarD 17-06-2004 23:05

Re: Want waypoints?

Ok, uhh... sry, forgot to update my postings here. :P

I finished CS_Rats2, and I'll finish DE_Rats3 inna few hrs cause it's part of the ratspack. :)

Also, I updated my DE_Storm waypoints, and now Terrorist stand a better chance cause I placed the Terrorist waypoints more tactically. :)

bassicneon 25-06-2004 07:20

Re: Want waypoints?
I need waypoints to scoutzknivez, so if you could, do that, and email the file to bowl339@adelphia.net...

Thanks, ADAM

MarD 25-06-2004 08:13

Re: Want waypoints?

Heh, that was actually one of the 1st maps LN asked me to waypoint for E[POD]bot... but I seem to have misplaced it, cause I can't find it... Hmm, guess I'll have to waypoint it again. :P

MarD 28-06-2004 09:49

Re: Want waypoints?

OK, I did some DE_Wallmart waypoints cause it was in pretty big demands a while back, and I'll get on scoutzknivez next. :)

head to my website to get them: http://www.freewebs.com/mard_lltd/

Baddle_Bot 31-07-2004 13:12

Re: Want waypoints?
Can you please do:

awp_map5 &

for my friend and me?

Also can u tell me which folder I put them in? Because I downloaded waypoints for de_rats_2001 already and put it into all the waypoint folders in C:/SIERRA/Half Life/cstrike/PODBot/Wptcs10 and WPTCS11 and WPTCS6.x and WPTCS71 and WPTCustom and WPTDefault and it didnt work, it still says theres no waypoints for the map. Even on de_rats, wich has waypoints that come with PODbot. Is it because I have it in more than one waypoint folder at once?

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