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striker07 22-03-2013 20:21

PB for amx 1.8.2
Does PodBot still work for metamod 1.21-am with amx 1.8.2?

Becous my server uses PB but they are not entering the game anymore i also dont see the module active in my modules list

KWo 23-03-2013 19:18

Re: PB for amx 1.8.2
You need to add them to plugins.ini in addons\metamod\dlls foder. It is 1.20 version of metamod BTW.

striker07 24-03-2013 14:38

Re: PB for amx 1.8.2
Thanks, fixed the problem bots still work.
I had forgotten to replace the hamdata.ini and core and modules .ini in configs.
Everything works again

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