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Nova 11-04-2012 00:56

Server Move
Onno and I have sucessfully moved bots-united to a new server.
Sorry for the downtime. Please report any problems to us.


TomTom 13-05-2012 16:19

Re: Server Move
I am curious to know when the wiki will be back on-line. Thanks.

Nova 17-05-2012 01:15

Re: Server Move
We're working on Filedatabase and wiki. Sorry for the delay.

madmax2 22-05-2012 20:11

Re: Server Move

Is it possible the server move disabled uploading attachments over at the rcbot forums (no permissions)? The last successful upload there was on march 28th. My first attempt to upload was April 30th. Also, new registrations at the Rcbot main website are broken or disabled too. I PMed cheeseh over a week ago, but no response yet.

You can read the details in this thread:


Also, is uploading here at the bots-united forums or the filebase going to be allowed? The filebase doesn't seem to accept new registrations, and attachments seem to be disabled in the forums. Is this a temporary or permanent situation?

Please excuse my newbness, hope it was ok to post here about this....

Any feedback or help is appreciated...


Whistler 23-05-2012 16:24

Re: Server Move
it seems the attachment/avatar uploading here still has "Unable to move/copy file" issue

for now a temporary workaround may be using a free file hosting service (such as dropbox, rapidshare, etc.)
although most of such services are not accessible with normal ways in my country ;)

madmax2 23-05-2012 20:18

Re: Server Move
Thanks for the reply Whistler.

I didn't make it clear in my first post that I am trying to upload waypoints for rcbot, either to the forums here, or at the rcbot forum/website, or to the filebase. I was trying to avoid outside hosting if possible, I wanted to give something back to this community, for the many years of bot fun. :guns:

madmax2 26-05-2012 21:52

Re: Server Move
I don't want to be a pest about this, but could an admin please reply to my first post to nova? Cheeseh seems to be MIA at the moment, hopefully on a beach someplace. So would uploads to the rcbot forums & rcbot main website registrations be only under his control or is there something you could do about it? Could have the server move, caused problems there?

I assume once the filebase is fixed, I will be able to register there & upload my waypoints to the filebase. Perhaps, at some point, a sticky notice about uploads to the forums/filebase would be in order? So greenhorns like me don't be come a pest:taz:. I just would prefer to upload my waypoints here, rather than some 3rd party site.

Or, could I get permissions to upload to the forums here?:whistling:

Thanks Guys,

P.S. I emailed cheeseh about 2 days ago. My first post about these issues over at the rcbot forums was nearly a month ago, so I guess I'm getting a little impatient, sorry about that guys......

Whistler 27-05-2012 10:04

Re: Server Move
sorry - I don't have access to the server directly so I can't be of much help with the issue :(

currently uploading to forums will result in errors, so enabling the permission to upload attachment in forum admin CP would be useless unless the issue is fixed.

madmax2 31-05-2012 23:31

Re: Server Move
Thanks for the reply/feedback. I will just wait a while & see if anything new develops here, or at the rcbot site (Cheeseh comes back?). People might be busy with school finals right now?

Cheeseh 19-06-2012 16:04

Re: Server Move
1 Attachment(s)
I've fixed the uploads to rcbot forum + filebase (if they weren't working before). It seems I have access via SCP so I have added an uploads folder that was missing, as it seems this version of the board is not copying files directly to the database

see below (works!)

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