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nankura 11-07-2010 02:23

Bots and Source
Hey guys

ok my question is basic. has there been a bot developed yet that defeats the bots of source

Basically. most bots are either to easy. dont work 100%. or to hard ( aka cheat ) and do silly things. the bots on source are ok generally. but lack what most css players are after

Ive been a css player for australia for many years. ive reached high levels. and been at that level. i know what i want out of a bot

And what i would like to see is a "clanbot" one that doesnt cheat, isnt to easy. and communicates like a clan and acts like a clan so that people can improve

If someone took the css bot as it is now and did some heavy coding and modifications, its very possable. they can use the mic to communicate or commands, they can camp, hold a position. etc rotate

it would be great to see them using "strategy" and "strategic placement" pre-nading, flashing, etc

and i think the coders at bots united could do such a project if they all got together and made the "ultimate" bot

Ancient 11-07-2010 04:58

Re: Bots and Source
So far all I know is that Hurricane bot and RCBot 2 work on CSS, but are not 100% done and do not fight well.
I suppose if the bot developers had more people to help and more time, a bot could be made quickly and start fixing bugs and add features right away.

But last I knew RCBot 2 was the only bot project for CSS to still be in (slow) development.

There isn't a bot for CS 1.6 that works the way you described. The only bots that maybe do half of those things, and they are split up between e[POD]Bot, YaPB 2.55 and PodBot MM.

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