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Lifeisverystrangeindeed! 12-08-2017 19:20

The Call of Duty franchise, and bot mods.
So far I haven't seen good bot mods for the older COD franchise before bots were built in starting with Black Ops 1 (but only supporting TDM and DM, and its Hardcore variants)
Modern Warfare 3 then lacked them, but they returned supporting more modes with Black ops 2.
However, the PC versions of the older games dont have any good bot mods, Meatbot is now garbage as it changes the original gameplay and adds unnecessary gameplay elements, and the other bots for WAW are buggy and unpolished.
Anyone want to work on a COD:UO (or COD1) bot mod that supports at least all maps in TDM and DM?

tschumann 13-08-2017 04:14

Re: The Call of Duty franchise, and bot mods.
Never played any Call of Duty games but I think most of the developers here are Half-Life bot developers.
Pretty neat that bot development is possible for these games at least.

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