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Pierre-Marie Baty 18-10-2004 05:20

FINALLY a server that works!
Hi Bots United folks,

In case you wonder why BU was down last week here's the reason. We were having a lot of problems with our last server, a SuSE Linux which was unadministrable and full of bugs. We couldn't get half the services to work correctly.

So at some point we admins went berserk and decided to reformat it completely and install a barebones Gentoo Linux that we would tune and setup all by hand. It's been quite a pain if you want my opinion !!!

Well it took us more than one week but we're done finally !

We proudly present a BU server stronger than ever.
The filebase is repaired
The email works (smtp auth)
All the known forum bugs (code tags, auto-mod) are fixed
The IRC server is up again on Nova's machine
The IRC applet link is fixed
The compile environment works (with GCC 2.95.3)
The FTP service has been replaced by SCP/SFTP (more secure). Those we are hosting who don't have any SCP client yet can get one here
And Onno is still working on the CVS (sserver), but according to his sayings, it's just a matter of hours now.

Technical details:

All hosted people now have IDENTICAL privileges. That is because we've made a script that adds, removes and modifies hosted accounts automatically. This way there's no way to mess stuff up anymore.

Hosted folks' privileges include:
- Virtual domain & website (ex: http://yoursite.bots-united.com)
- POP3/SMTP email (2 addresses work, either yourname@bots-united.com or yoursite@bots-united.com. Note that the SMTP server requires an authentication)
- SCP/SFTP access to your files
- UNIX login with bash shell over SSH (login with username "yoursite")
- Access to compile environment in your home directory (currently only the HL SDK is installed but we can install more on request)
- CVS write access to your own repository (well, when Onno will be done with it ;))
- Op privileges on the BU IRC and a slot in the IRC bouncer (see with Nova)

!!! Those who have trouble logging in or want to have their password changed contact me directly, because some passwords may have been reset during the install !!!

Please report any bug/misfunction you find ! :)

botmeister 18-10-2004 08:52

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
Just want to say a big thanks for the effort! :D

Cpl. Shrike 18-10-2004 10:37

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
YAY !!!!!!!!!!!

Back in bussiness. Good job guys. :D :D :D :D


Time to upload the new ShrikeBot release this evening.
I'll check on my account then. :)

[NvT]_KaszpiR_ 18-10-2004 11:39

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
change cvs sserver to pserver for anonymous download :D

Rick 18-10-2004 11:43

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
Gentoo, good choice :)
Great the server is up again

stefanhendriks 18-10-2004 12:05

Re: FINALLY a server that works!

/me bows to admins (nova, onno, pm) for working on this server.

Thank you, thank you , thank you

TruB 18-10-2004 14:10

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
i felt alittle lost there for awhile.. hope the problems are all fixed not too..

KWo 18-10-2004 19:07

Re: FINALLY a server that works!

Originally Posted by stefanhendriks

/me bows to admins (nova, onno, pm) for working on this server.

Thank you, thank you , thank you

Nothing to add more. The same me - thanks to all for the work. :)
I guess the list of admins should be updated then, for these who really care about admining BU...

Huntkillaz 19-10-2004 00:06

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
nice .....i missed bu soo much in that one week ... i kinda became lost in life 8o

elitejavi 19-10-2004 03:55

Re: FINALLY a server that works!
hello!, i was missing everyone, thanks for all the work, but i only have one problem, a little little little problem.... why i am still a moderator?
well, that all, thaks for the effort!


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