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Evil of Devil 02-01-2004 21:05

JoeBot XP
I believe, I asked this question in the old JoeBot forum.
JoeBot XP, whenever it will be released,
won't be compatible with CS 1.6, will it ???
But it will sucessfully work with CS 1.5, or ???

Last time I didn't read something about the Offline Version of CS.
Because of @$3.1415rin's connection to Web, I think,
he wasn't able to make the bot compatible, while he's online.

Pierre-Marie Baty 02-01-2004 21:26

Re: JoeBot XP
Several methods have been devised to make bot DLLs compatible with CS 1.5 *and* CS 1.6 at the same time... You can be certain Joe is aware of all them :)

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