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420Blunt 26-06-2006 01:17

Vengeance & Xdam
Vengeance & Xdam are also maps that were added to the release that are incomplete and should not be played.

vlvttch 26-06-2006 02:09

Re: Vengeance & Xdam
I didn't see xdam or et_mor2 in the .70 pk0 file. Vengence is in there for sure.

TomTom 09-10-2017 08:12

Re: Vengeance & Xdam
resurrecting this old thread for an fyi update and for a question.

4 waypoints taken out in the final patch Fritz0.pk3...
et_mor2 (is in Fritz2_1.00.pk3)
railgun (is in Fritz3_1.00.pk3)
xdam (xdam2 is in Fritz1_1.00.pk3)

@420Blunt et al...
vengence_te_final was removed in the final patch (0.70b) and appears to be assigned to nobody? Is it an Orphan project?

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